2. This is the first single to be released from the Mice on Stilts album I just produced, recorded and mixed. I love this track a lot. Looking forward to releasing the rest of the album in December. 


  3. A sneaky bit of Outrun the Buffalo for you. Recorded live at Mangawhai Tavern by myself and Vivek Gabriel. Mixed and Mastered here at the Albatross.


  4. My new toy. Akai 4000DS Mk-II 4 track tape recorder


  5. Got a new toy for the studio. Universal Audio tube preamp deliciousness


  6. Live at Viv’s

    Here’s two tracks I’ve just remastered for release on bandcamp for my own band Outrun the Buffalo. We recorded these two tracks live in August last year at Vivek Gabriel’s awesome set up at ‘Wee Studios’.  


  7. Got myself a new mixer! Mackie onyx 1640i FireWire. Gonna make some delicious recordings


  8. Stilts Demos

    Mixed up some demos for one of my favourite bands in the world. Recorded by Connor Duin at SAE and then mixed and mastered here at the Albatross. Two delicious tracks - enjoy!

    ps. welcome to my new website!